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Archaeologists unveil Female Statue in Greece

Archaeologists slowly digging through a huge 2,300-year-old tomb in northern Greece have uncovered two life-sized marble female statues flanking the entrance to one of three underground chambers.

A Culture Ministry statement says the statues show “exceptional artistic quality.” Their upper sections were discovered last week, but their bodies — in semi-transparent robes — emerged after part of a blocking wall was removed Thursday.

The excavation, on a hillock near ancient Amphipolis, 600 kilometers (370 miles) north of Athens, has gripped Greece for a month, since Prime Minister Antonis Samaras visited it and pre-empted archaeologists by releasing details on the findings.

A media frenzy ensued amid speculation that the tomb may contain buried riches and the remains of an eminent figure.

Less than half the tomb has been explored so far.

Greece Ancinet Tomb-4

It will be interesting to see what other treasures will be unearthed in this tomb, and what these finds will tell us about an era that existed so long ago.

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