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Australia Man gets RIFD for iphone 6

A Brisbane man is living the life of the future after having a microchip implanted under his skin so he can control electronic devices with just a wave of a hand.

Ben Slater had a radio-frequency identification microchip – which has similar measurements to a grain of rice – injected into his left hand through a syringe two weeks ago at a Melbourne tattoo parlour.

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The advertising director’s move comes as technology enthusiasts eagerly await the unveiling of the iPhone 6 in two days time.

He hopes the new generation of Apple’s smart phone will have the capability to read the microchip implanted in the webbing between his thumb and forefinger.

The new addition to his body means Mr Slater can swing his front door open, switch on his lights and store personal information with the flick of his hand.

‘The most obvious thing the chip allows me to do is store my contact information on it, so that I can just touch a phone with NFC and pass my information to their phone. That is a great party trick,’ he told Daily Mail Australia.

‘But it can also trigger an action on my phone to turn the house lights off, open a secure door which is set to recognise the chip or I could – and probably will – set up my car ignition to be linked to the chip for keyless entry and start up.’


Mr Slater told Daily Mail Australia he made the decision to implant the microchip because he had always been interested in the future of technology.

‘I wanted to get the chip implanted to generate discussion,’ he said.

‘It intrigues me that we live in an age where this type of activity is even possible, especially for some seeming random guy in Australia to arrange to have done.’

Indeed this is very cutting edge and amazing technology, and if it was guaranteed that it would be used for beneficial purposes then that would be great for future innovations. But there is no gurantee that this will only be used socialy, this is just another way that the government can keep track of you, which some say well if you have nothing to hide, then this is good. As we have seen in recent months with the IRS lois lerner scandal where the IRS targeted specific groups and harrassed citizens through this government organization. It is far to easy for great technology to be abused. Buyer beware.




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