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Black ‘Ninja Burger’ in Japan & More

American fast food chains wrap the world, but not to often do we at home get a chance to see the strange creations marketed to consumers in other nations. Here’s a look at some odd creations with their local flavor.

The ‘Ninja Burger’ Kuro burger from Burger King in Japan, features a black bun, sauce and cheese. Its colored with ground charcoal and squid ink.

burger_king_japan_kuro_burger  Burger_King_black__3034634b (1)



This rice bun burger is popular in Taiwan at McDonald’s with a friend chicken patty. American themed burgers at McDonald’s in Japan, Korea and Taiwan.





Breakfast at McDonald’s fav in Japan, a breakfast hot dog.




A possibly racist Col. Sander’s at KFC in japan greats customers with a tasty watermelon. Featuring a shrimp stuffed chicken sandwich.



20070725_shin-kyogoku_arcade_kfc20120511 KFC Gouda Cheese Shrimp Cutlet Sandwich



Pizza Hut in South Korea’s ‘Rich Gold’ sweet potato mousse layer pizza. Subway in Japan features a duck and fish sandwich.


pizzahut-richgold    images

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