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‘Boiled Golden Toad’ Growing Trend in China

The word “toad” has in recent times in China come to be loaded with much more meaning than a humble green amphibian.


Instead, online it is now synonymous with the former leader of the Chinese Communist Party, Jiang Zemin—initially perhaps because of what Chinese Internet users see as his toad-like appearance, and later because it is one way to refer to Jiang without getting blocked online, reported Epoch Times.

This association was the first that sprung to mind for many Chinese when it was announced that China Central Television, the state-run national broadcaster, would be producing a comedy called “Biggest Toad in the Puddle,” or simply “Boiled Golden Toad” when translated literally.

Director Ho Wi Ding was said to be courageous and foresighted for showing up such a formerly powerful political figure at this time in China, Chinese Internet users said.

Even though the theme of the film seems to have nothing to do with politics or Jiang Zemin, and there is nothing even suggesting that the title was a deliberate jab at Jiang by either the director or the broadcaster, the association was the talk of the town online.

“It seems that ‘Boiled Golden Toad’ is an innuendo for some leader’s downfall,” the Shanghai netizen “Bensande Liutongxue” remarked onSina Weibo.

This trend also seems to be inspiring many different groups and causes across the world. An environmental groups based in England targets Chase bank dressed in iconic golden toad heads.

Reverend Billy and the Golden Toads invade JPMorgan Chase Bank in San Francisco

One thing is for sure, with the world having access to the internet, these and similar trends grow rapid and span globally.

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