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‘Lone Wolf’ Beheads Oklahoma Woman

In a disturbing and shocking act in small town Oklahoma. A disgruntled employee of a food processing plant turn violent and stabs and beheads a coworker. It is reported by his former coworkers that Alton Nolan age 30, was a recent convert to Islam. He had been trying in recent weeks to convert his coworkers to Islam as well. On his Facebook page disturbing photos were found including photos of the twin towers on 911, as well as photos of Osama Bin Laden and  gruesome  beheading pics. Authorities are pausing to call this an ‘act of terror’ and the FBI is involved and working with local police. Nolan was stopped by the CEO of the food plant who happens to also be a Sheriff Deputy, who fired at Nolan several times wounding him. Nolan is recovering at a local hospital awaiting an intense interrogation.

Coworkers of Nolan said that he was shouting Islamic phrases during this barbaric ordeal. FBI is investigating if he was converted to Islam from a prior stent in prison. They are also checking his computer and internet social media accounts for leads if he was indeed inspired by ISIS propaganda videos.

“This is a great illustration of where radicals will have their biggest success recruiting domestic terrorists. Our jails are full of vicious, mentally deficient people who are desperate for the attention and easily swayed. I won’t be at all surprised if this guy acted completely alone, but felt a need to identify with and was was inspired by the ISIS beheading episodes and encouragement from radical leaders to attack Americans, combined with his desire to get revenge on former supervisors.”

The local Muslim community says he was not a member of their mosques, but his Facebook photos tell another story. Their are photos on his Facebook page that show him in front of a mosque and inside praying.







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