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‘Monster’ Shrimp Caught in Florida

While fishing off the coast of Fort Pierce, Florida, Steve Bargeron saw a couple nearby pull up an oversized shrimp-like specimen that he jokingly called an “alien creature” that was wildly flopping its tail. After snapping some photos, one of which is shown here, the fisherman threw the creature back into the water.

Steve Bargeron was fishing off adock in Fort Pierce, Florida, last week when a couple fishing nearby pulled up what Bargeron jokingly described as an “alien creature.” The couple wasn’t interested in keeping the strange, lobster-like animal, which was flopping its tail wildly, Bargeron told Live Science. So the curious fisherman took a few photos and then threw the critter back into the water.

Though Bargeron estimated the beastly shrimp caught off Florida was a whopping 18 inches (46 cm) long, species of Lysiosquilla typically only grow to about a foot long, Caldwell said, adding that he doubted the catch really reached that size. Bargeron noted he didn’t have a measuring tape to record the size of the catch, reported Live Science.

alien-mantis-shrimp-florida-3 alien-mantis-shrimp-florida-2

Known as a Mantas Shrimp, the usually only reach lengths of aprox 12 inches. This rare find is not the first, but one of many ‘oddities’ being reported.  In recent years we have seen an increase in huge or unusual sea creatures surfacing or being caught all over the world, raising questions about what is going on in our oceans. Scientists and biologists have battled theories that may explain this phenomenon, while some say it is just simply nature suggesting this has always been the case just an increase in sightings due to technology and increased human activity to report these oddities. Others argue it is a warning from mother earth as the rise of industrialism has peeked and is showing the damages of mankind.


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