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Mystery Crater Found in Utah

Gary Dalton was draining the irrigation pond on his farmland in Circleville, Utah, when he made a startling discovery: a giant crater staring back up at him from the bottom of the basin.

“The sun was just right, so I saw this blasted thing that no one had ever seen,” he tells The algae-filled hole, measuring about 25 feet across and at least 7 inches deep in the center—with a few more inches’ give in the middle—has baffled not only the Daltons, but area geologists as well.


“We’ve got several theories … [but] most of them have gone up in smoke,” says a scientist from the Utah Geological Survey. Possibilities had included a pushy natural spring emerging from underneath, a buried pipeline, an earthquake, a meteor, or a methane “burp”—but they either don’t seem geographically likely or have been ruled out with photographic evidence, said FOX News.

A possible explanation is ground water under the surface bubbling up under layers of different sediment has created this pattern. We are only seeing this phenomenon because of the drought conditions affecting much of the central and western US.  A recent pattern of sinkholes and craters appearing all over the earth may lead to answers that we are only now just beginning to find, and understand.

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