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NFL Penalizes Muslim Player for Praying after TD

More negative attention descended upon the National Football League Monday night when Kansas City Chiefs’ safety Husain Abdullah was penalized for sliding across the field and praying in a prostrate position after he scored a touchdown, reports

Sadly, the move immediately became a race and religion issue in the eyes of some fans. In recent years with America and other allied nations fighting the war or terror in the middle east has strained racial and religious tensions among Muslims and Christians.

In a post-game radio interview, Abdullah put the call into perspective, admitting that it was likely the slide that prompted the flag, not the prayer itself.  That didn’t stop some fans from being outraged at what they said was clearly “anti-Muslim bias.”

The NFL has been in flurry or fury recently starting with players accused of domestic violence and child abuse. The NFL has been tightening their policies and policing their players under heavy pressure from the public.

The NFL forced Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III to turn his religious T-shirt inside out at a press conference recently or receive a fine of $10,000 dollars. Indeed the ‘PC’ police are in full force within the NFL.

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