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Top 10 Things Pizza Delivery Guys Hate

In the world of rushing to and fro, pizza delivery, started back in the early 1980’s has provided a key service for families on the go and equate to about 60% of the pizza industries earnings. Sure we’ve all had pizza delivery, and we all love an online pizza order sometimes, but never has a ‘pizza delivery etiquette’ been established not for the pizza delivery persons, but the people on the receiving end. I myself having delivered pizzas for almost 10 years thought that it was time!


10. Sending small children to pay for pizza.

This may seem like an opportunity for our children to get some real world experience and make pizza night fun for kids, but please do not send very small children to the door! The pizza box can be very hot and depending on what you order can also be heavy and bulky. Its best left up to children ages 10 and up!

9. Inviting the pizza delivery person into your house.

This may seem very nice and friendly also helpful if its cold or raining but it can be very intimidating, most delivery drivers also leave their cars running, so they need to see their vehicle at all times. Most pizza corporations prohibit their employees from entering the house, so it’s always best to just do your pizza exchange quickly and continue with your work. Fantastic establishments like Schiano’s New York style pizza have a lot of pizzas that need delivering to hungry households in NYC!

8. Control you pets!

If you have a lot of dogs or cats that are looking for an escape, please restrain them or put them in another room or outside. Remember, the pizza delivery person is a stranger with food!

7. If you plan on not tipping, please don’t explain why.

A lot of major pizza restaurants include a delivery fee. Most or all of this fee actually does not go to the driver! In most cases only a small portion goes to the driver to cover gas and vehicle wear and tear. If you feel the need to not tip, please don’t explain, we don’t need to know why.

6. Paying with tons of change.

Not a great idea. Takes too long to count it out and most delivery drivers do not have any where to hold all this loose change.

5. Answering the door naked or almost naked.

Never a good idea, most delivery drivers will talk and gossip about you at the restaurant, you don’t want to be branded the ‘ speedo man’ or ‘towel guy’.

4. Teasing or toying with drivers.

Very annoying. Teasing them about the payment or commenting on their vehicle in a derogatory manor. If its severe enough, you can possible get banned from delivery services.

3. Incorrect directions, bad phone numbers and non working gate codes.

If its difficult or you live out in a remote location please provide proper directions to get to your residence. Always give a working phone number and gate code if needed for entry to your neighborhood. If its too difficult and we can’t reach you on the phone, we only wait maybe 5 mins before turning around and going back to the store and filing your order as ‘undeliverable’.

2. No porch light on at night.

This is a big safety issue! Always have a porch light on or some illuminated source like opening the door with the storm door shut so we know its not a set up!

1. Complaining to the driver on issues related to the store.

This is not who you complain to! Its best to call the store and speak to a manager. The deliver driver is so busy they really don’t have time to hear, or relay back to their manager a long list of your complaints when there really isn’t anything they can do about it anyways.


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