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Weird Shapes in the Sun

Some may consider it a ‘sign’ or maybe just our imaginations at work, though its hard not to see faces or objects in everyday random patterns around us.

Here are some amazing captures from that showcase our imaginations seeing complex images in the sun!

These were captured by LACSO Cams in recent months. First, appearing to be a ‘Grim Reaper’ and an ‘Angel’. Complete with the ‘Grim Reaper’ holding his sythe and hood. The ‘Angel’ in the second photo appears to be holding a mace or sword, complete with a sun burst halo and wings.

2014_07_22_23_51_07_AIA_304__LASCO_C2__LASCO_C3 2014_08_01_15_21_31_AIA_304__LASCO_C2__LASCO_C3

Next we see what appears to look like a white dove flying at the sun, screenshot captured just after a massive solar flare.


For the rest you’ll have to check out this video showing more that are strange and some down right beautiful.

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