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China’s Project ‘ Dark Sword’ Supersonic Drone

It is a battle to send a drone supersonic – and pits China against Britain.

Experts have claimed that China’s drone, called Dark Sword, is under secret development.

It was unveiled in 2006 at an airshow, but has since disappeared from public view.

However, it has now reappeared in a report on the the website of the country’s national broadcaster CCTV.

The Dark Sword – known in Chinese as “Anjian” -made its debut at the Zhuhai Airshow in southern China’s Guangdong province.

The model was subsequently exhibited at the Paris Air Show – but was then never heard of again.

Some claim the project has already been scrapped due to insufficient funding or other reasons, while others believe the development of the drone is now being kept secret as it is undergoing further research and testing, according to CCTvV.


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