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Ebola Plush Toy is a Sell Out


A Connecticut company has been making a plush toy shaped like the Ebola virus for the last five years, and calls it an educational tool.

Giant Microbes, with world headquarters based in Stamford, boasts on its website that they make plush toys of microscopic organisms that are a million times the real size.

The company makes toys of every microscopic organism from the black death to the enterovirus. They even make a toy for the Ebola virus, which the state said “has become the T. Rex of microbes.”

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the Ebola plush toy will be donated to Ebola crisis organizations.

The company states the reason for making the plush viruses is that they are often used for educational purposes, and that it has been available for over five years and has been used by schools, research companies and students.

With the recent outbreak, the company said it is getting positive feedback and the customers are thankful to use the plush items in classrooms and at home to talk about the virus.

“I use Ebola to talk to my kids about current events,” the website stated when showing a picture of the Ebola toy.

For more information on the Ebola virus toy, click here. However, the item is currently sold out.

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