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UFO Orbs Seen Over Duxbury Mass VIDEO

An unidentified man and his wife observed four gigantic glowing orbs as they sailed across the sky in succession, says a Nov. 15 report on the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). According to the report in case number 61414, the glowing orange spheres appeared to be the size of a penny, if a jet plane was the size of an ant. The objects were observed on Nov. 8 at approximately 1:15 a.m. in the sky near a Duxbury, Mass. home, says The Examiner.

The man’s wife, who was lying in bed reading, noticed a strange light in the night sky. She alerted her husband telling him she thought she saw a UFO. The Massachusetts couple observed the orange ball of light as it traveled from west to east across the sky, disappearing beyond the horizon. The orb appeared to travel about twice the speed of an airplane and maintained an even flight pattern. It appeared to be slightly lower in the sky than a typical airplane.

The couple was unable to see any features of the object. It was just an “extremely bright orange orb” says the witness. He further explains that he is familiar with Chinese lanterns and that the object was not a Chinese lantern. It maintained an even speed, did not change color and the luminosity of the light remained constant, he reports. The orb did not produce a halo or a trail and made no sound.

As soon as the object disappeared on the eastern horizon, a second identical orb appeared in the west and followed the same path across the sky disappearing at the eastern horizon. The couple observed as four identical ball of lights appeared, traveled to the opposite horizon and disappeared.

Although the couple admits they do not know what they saw in the sky, they do know it was not Chinese lanterns. The unidentified objects did not look like any manmade aircraft and traveled too slowly to be a shooting star or comet. No photos of the UFO were taken, as the couple was too amazed by what they were watching to think about getting a camera.

According to The Mysterious Orange Orb (UFO) Phenomena Facebook page, similar sightings have been reported around the world. While most orb UFOs are orange, they may also be white or red. Reports have increased in the last ten years. Many sightings involve multiple witnesses. No one has been able to explain what these mysterious glowing orbs are.

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