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Iran Calls on US to Stop ‘Racist Behavior’ in Wake of Protests

Iran passes judgement on how the US treats its citizens while Iraq publicly lashes its citizens for dancing…

Iran has called on the US to end racism and discrimination – as protests continue to rage across America over alleged police brutality against black people and minorities.

Although, this may be a case of  the ‘Pot calls the Kettle black’, the Human Rights Watch claim that Iranian authorities have subjected political prisoners to abuse, and that women still face “discrimination in many areas including personal status matters”.

According to the Fars News Agencythey state the following;

“The US administration has continuously criticized other countries and made an instrumental use of human rights and adopted double-standard criteria in the last few decades, while it has ignored domestic situation at home,” Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham said on Sunday.


She stressed the necessity for the US administration to show respect for human rights and set aside its politically-tainted view on the issue.

“It is expected from the US administration and judiciary to comply with their duty and take lawful and just actions in dealing with their citizens and stop the practice of racism and inhumane behavior,” Afkham said.


The new wave of protests against racism in the US started after Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, was shot and killed on Aug. 9, by Darren Wilson, a white police officer, in Ferguson, Mo., a suburb of St. Louis. The shooting prompted protests that roiled the area for weeks. On Nov. 24, the St. Louis County prosecutor announced that a grand jury decided not to indict Wilson. The announcement set off another wave of protests.

Then it was time for people to show their anger at the killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice by a police officer. The kid was playing with a toy gun when the police jumped out of their patrol car and shot him dead.

The already massive protests grew nationwide after Eric Garner, 43, was stopped on a street in New York on 17 July on suspicion of selling loose, untaxed cigarettes and was chocked to death by the NYPD.

After a confrontation with police officer Daniel Pantaleo placed his arm round Garner’s neck. Garner, who had asthma, was wrestled to the ground and restrained by force.

This is rich coming from a country that is constantly under investigations by the Human Rights Watch.  

Back in May of this year, we can recall a group of young Iranians dancing on a YouTube video to a popular song by Pharrell Williams called ‘Happy’.


Authorities arrested the group for contravening Iran’s strict vulgarity laws, which prohibit public displays of dancing, and paraded the six on state television, forcing them to express remorse for their behavior.

The group was sentenced to 91 public lashings, for dancing….in Iran, this year. (Source)


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