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Languages and World Domination

Written by Hanss Ezekiel38Rapture

Landscape and Boulevard and Boss are words from DUTCH origin, but Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, French or German didn’t become the world language, but English, and mostly due to the important role of the USA after the ‘second world war’.

Why is this important to know from a prophetic viewpoint?

Before and after the Flood, ALL people on earth spoke the SAME language, and this led to the SATANIC REBELLION against God, because the people at Babel started to build a huge tower, as symbol of their DEMONIC pride: Genesis 11,1-8

God’s answer and ‘therapy’ was The Babylonian Confusion of Tongues, which generated different peoples and tribes, who were scattered all over the world, while the continents were still partly connected, though they were rapidly drifting apart, as a result of the violent changes that took place on earth during the Flood.


God wanted the people to spread all over the world, but Satan was resisting His plans through the people who were under his control, and because he inspired them to createMYSTERY BABYLON, which is still active through several religions like the Roman Catholic CULT, Islam, which was being concocted by this CULT, Hinduism, to mention the main religions, and these religions will be made ONE during the coming era of the VATICAN NEW WORLD ORDER.


But the Vatican NWO (the hidden Roman Empire) and Satan had one problem throughout the ages: a real WORLD LANGUAGE.
And so, Satan inspired people to create the BLUEPRINT for the UNITED STATES of the WORLD: the USA!

Most of America was already ROMAN CATHOLIC: Latin America.
And through the Latin and French influence on the original English language it was made possible to use an INDO-GERMAN language, mixed with many (Latin=ROMAN) French words, in order to create the framework for the future (and now, almost completed) Vatican New World Order.

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