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Medical Marijuana Shop Forced to Remove ‘Pot Smoking Santa’ Painting

If the legal marijuana industry learns anything from Big Tobacco’s experience in this country, it’s that mixing kids and smoking is just not going to fly, as the industry found out with the banishment of Joe Camel and his ilk. So even if medical marijuana is legal in California, it’s not legal for anyone under 18. You know, or anyone who might believe in Santa Claus.

Getting medical marijuana is a lot easier for people to get now, particularly as it can benefit so many people who suffer with different ailments. If you are interested in medical marijuana then you might want to check out something like these ohio dispensaries online. Although dispensaries are there to make your life that little bit easier, just like with anything you’re not too familiar with, it would be best to do research into a site like to fully understand what this all involves and the steps you can take to make this process run even smoothly. You can speak to professionals in this field who would be able to give you the best advice and guide you through the necessary steps. However, back to the important part of this article: Santa Claus.

Members of the public who are complaining about a painting of Santa Claus on the window of a Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensary that shows him as quite the Jolly St. Nick, puffing away on what appears to be a cinnamon stick blunt while holding a smoking bong, say kids are going to get the wrong idea.

NBC Los Angeles reports that people are worried that because the dispensary is in an area where a lot of children tend to be — there’s a junior high school nearby, one critic noted — those kids might see what Santa’s doing and want to copy him. However, if you are worried about children being affected by the dispensary you can always buy what you need from somewhere like Puffmen online, especially if you are interested in vaping hardware.

As such, the business has agreed to remove the Christmas scene, which also included a snowman holding a prescription pill bottle.

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