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Sheep Found Wandering the Streets Wearing Christmas Sweater

A Christmas Miracle

A sheep was found wandering the streets of Omaha Nebraska this week wearing a Christmas sweater. 

The Humane Society took the sheep in till they could locate its family. Owner Margaret Vazquez and family was happy to have found their wandering pet.

Vazquez sweated out her sweater-wearing pet’s disappearance, saying she felt like one of her children had vanished. She’s grateful Gage didn’t wind up on someone’s dinner table.


“I was like looking for him. I was like all worried for him, and I posted on Facebook,” said Vazquez. “It’s like losing my kid. You know, I was all scared, and I didn’t know what to do.”


Before going home, the sheep posed for several photos, making this a truly Christmas Miracle of the Vazquez Family. 


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