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Ukraine Crisis is Fault of the US and EU [Op-Ed]

It may not be what you want to hear, but stands some fairly compelling evidence to support…

With much of the World’s eyes sharply focused on the growing crisis in Ukraine especially now honing in on the Crimea region, we see a game of words and world powers passing blame onto one another. Some specific imporntant events have occurred recently and when you put them in order a story rises that doesn’t paint the EU or the US in very good light. Lets take a look at these events in order, I’ve included links at story reference points so you can see the facts surrounding the Crisis in Ukraine.

euus Last year the EU has been putting pressure on the Ukrainian government to join the EU splitting the country almost in half of people mostly to the north in favor and the people in the south against. Then Russia stepped in and gave an offering of $20 billion to Ukraine ( )  as a bailout package to help with their economic situation in return to hopefully sway them to not join up with the EU. At this point, Putin is not wanting them to join Russia, just to turn down the offers from the EU. This enrages the Ukrainian people to the north mostly as they want to exist as a democratic state and join in the European community for economic security.  Why does the EU want Ukraine to join the EU? Energy simply put, or control over natural gas and an oil pipeline that extends from Russia through the Ukraine. ( ) Germany currently gets around 40% of their natural gas from Ukraine. This is why we see the German PM Merkel talking the loudest about this situation in Ukraine besides John Kerry and the current Ukrainian government. They have a deep interest in obtaining this region. At the same time, Russia currently already has a deal with Ukraine as they stand today, with out an invasion or full scale take over that allows Russia to profit off of the crude oil piped through Ukraine. Vladimir Putin does not want this to change, and ultimately he has control over these energies and them being transporting and sold. If the EU gets Ukraine to join, the energy control tends to shift (at least the Ukraine side) severly limiting Russia’s power over this nation.

It’s all about the Oil!

Last year during the EU’s push on Ukraine, its now been leaked that the US is involved in trying to over throw the Ukrainian government as they were pro-Russia. ( With Russia also harboring Edward Snowden with a multitude of US secrets, it is possible that Russia was led onto this plan, and thus why he sent a Russian Spy Ship to Cuba unannounced by Russia simply to collect intelligence on the US.  ( ) When the protests recently happening in Kiev where the pro-Russia leader was successfully over thrown, he fled to Moscow. Which right after, a EU and US friendly Prime Minister and government stepped in, just as Europe and America had planned.


This is when we see Russian helicopters swarm the Crimea coast and rumor of 16,000 Russian troops setting foot on Ukrainian soil and seizing airports and other governmental facilities. It is imporntant to note that most of the people in the Crimea region are Russia friendly and is the spoken language of that area in Ukraine. Putin claims that he is helping those such citizens and establishing a presence to protect their interests.  Western World Leaders scoffed at the idea, with out looking at certain facts that have been evolving over the past year one can easily see Russia as the ‘bad guys’. Its only when you see these events that have played out a different story surfaces. A story from an unbiased point of view clearly outlines the EU’s greedy needs of acquiring Ukraine and the US secretly sneaking around and funding a project to over throw a government of a sovereign  nation.


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