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Charlie Hebdo Attack Coordinated with Kosher Grocery Hostage Situation in Paris

Two hostage scenes have come to an end after hours long stand off between the terrorist and French police.

The brothers involved in Wednesdays Charlie Hebdo shooting, apparently were held up inside a printing press building while at the same time police had them surrounded, another terrorist storms into a kosher grocery store.

It appears these were coordinated attacks, as the terrorist who took on the grocery store reportedly said, “If you move on my Islamic brothers, I will kill everyone inside the grocery store.”

So far 4 are dead and 4 critically wounded at the Jewish Grocery Deli.

It appears also that the shooting of a female police officer yesterday in Paris is also connected to a radical woman who is believed to be connected to one of the terrorists, a girl friend of wife.

All this seems to be coordinated and raises the possibility that there are more involved and more attacks could be in the near future.

Manhunts are still underway, apparently a second gunman in the Kosher Grocery store attack has escaped. Also authorities are looking for the woman connected to these suspects.



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