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Energy UFO’s Captured with Infrared Camera VIDEO

January-18-2015 Energy U.F.O Orbs were captured on video traveling over San Antonio,Texas.

Equipment Used:  Sony DCR-TRV103 20x Optical Zoom 360x Digital Zoom 2.5-Inch Display Digital Handycam

On this video you will see Energy U.F.Os traveling overhead with reference points such as clouds/tree tops.When Scanning the skies i was able to capture an Orb travel off in a distance, continue to follow as it traveled.


At some point another U.F.O Orb comes into view, you can clearly see Both traveling at a constant speed and about the same elevation.

Learn more about UFO’s! UFO Trilogy [Download]

In my opinion these objects were clearly no aircraft or satellite.

Video Source Capture by SAUFOTX

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