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Must Visit: Museum De Moriaan

One of the best places to travel to is Gouda. It is a city located in Netherlands in the province of Holland. This historic city center is a must see for tourists. The city is very famous for its smoking pipes, Gouda cheese and various attraction sites. One of these historical sites is the museum De Moriaan. The Museum De Moriaan is a Museum about the history of medicine making and pharmacies in Netherlands. It is basically the interior of an old pharmacy built in the 1920`s.



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Things to Do Near Museum De Moriaan

This place blends food, history, culture and fun. While at this place, you can visit other tourist attraction sites such as:

Museum Gouda

Museum Gouda is a very interesting market that is located near the central market place. The old chapel houses impressive art works, extensive displays of ceramics and art throughout the two floors of the museum. The gradual expansion of Gouda and its history is documented within this museum. There are magnificent displays of old clay pipes, ceramics and other artifacts. This museum also has an outdoor seating and a lovely restaurant. It is located 0.1 miles from Museum De Moriaan.

Church of St. John

This is the most special church in Gouda. It is well known for its famous glass and lead windows. The wonderful scenes painted on the stained windows makes this church a major tourist attraction. It contains expensive art work some dating back to the pre-reformation days. For sure, the church is worth visiting when you are in Gouda. The church is found 0.1 miles from Museum De Moriaan.

Dutch Water Dreams

For those who love surfing, this is the place to be when in Gouda. There are professional instructors who will advise you throughout your surfing session. If you do not know how to surf, you will find the instructors very helpful. Body boarding and learning how to surf on an artificial wave, is an amazing experience to the visitors. The Dutch Water Dreams is located 5.5 miles from Museum De Moriaan.

Waag (Weighing House)

This impressive house looks cute when viewing from the cheese market. Tourist information is housed in the ground floor. In Waag, you can purchase postcards, souvenirs and cheeses. This gothic building is located in front of Gouda market. It is situated 0.2 miles from Museum De Moriaan.

How to Get There

There are various facilities that allow visitors from across the globe to reach Gouda. Some can take flight while others can travel by train. Once in Gouda, you can now proceed to Museum De Moriaan.

Written By Grace Muturi

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