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Weird Helmet That Lets You See 360 Degrees Around You

A range of immersive helmets that let you see the world though different animals’ eyes, such as a chameleon’s, have been created.

The metal devices use optical tricks to enable people to experience the hyper-stereo vision of a hammerhead shark, or the 357° view of a horse running in the Grand National.

Irish artists Clearly Connolly have spent years developing a series of aluminium helmets which explore ‘the mysteries of visual perception’.

The helmets first went on display at the National Museum of Ireland in November and are now at the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris until February.

Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly were inspired to make the helmets after exploring the pioneering experiments by psychologist George Malcolm Stratton in the early twentieth century.

He wore specially adapted glasses that inverted images up and down and left and right for over a week and discovered that the human brain could adapt to these new conditions.



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