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ISIS Destroy Mosul Museum VIDEO

The Islamic State has released a video on social media showing them destroying the Mosul Museum  and the many priceless artifacts inside as well as outside.

Many of the artifacts seen in the video are from the 7th and 8th Centuries BC. ISIS seized control of Mosul Iraq last year and since then,  have been destroying everything in their wake citing the ancient artifacts as ‘Idols’ of false worship. (See ISIS Video Below)

In the video, you can see bearded men smashing many statues with hammers and mallets and even taking a drill to larger priceless items.

Many of the artifacts are from the Assyrian Empire.

Assyria was a major Mesopotamian East Semitic kingdom, and empire, of the Ancient Near East, existing as an independent state for a period of approximately nineteen centuries from c. 2500 BC to 605 BC, spanning the Early Bronze Age through to the late Iron Age. For a further thirteen centuries, from the end of the 7th century BC to the mid-7th century AD, it survived as a geo-political entity, for the most part ruled by foreign powers, although a number of small Neo-Assyrian states such as Assur, Adiabene,Osroene and Hatra arose at different times between the 1st century BC and late 3rd century AD.

Centered on the Upper Tigris river, in northern Mesopotamia (modern northern Iraq, northeastern Syria and southeastern Turkey) the Assyrians came to rule powerful empires at several times, the last of which grew to be the largest and most powerful empire the world had yet seen.

As a substantial part of the greater Mesopotamian “cradle of civilization” which included Sumer, Akkad and much later Babylonia, Assyria was at the height of technological, scientific and cultural achievements for its time. At its peak, the Assyrian empire stretched from Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea to Persia (Iran), and from what is now Armenia to the Arabian Peninsula and Egypt.

             Watch ISIS Destroy Mosul Museum:

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