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King of Jordan Reacts to Pilot Burned Alive

King Abdullah II of Jordan just happens to be in Washington DC when the Islamic State releases the video showing the Jordanian pilot being burned alive in a cage.

He had no comment earlier today in Washington when new of the vicious murder of the Jordanian pilot was executed by ISIS. Though coming from inside Jordan it is echoing that Jordan will not back out of the western alliance poised at the downgrading of the terrorist group inside the Middle East.

The Islamic State currently has its Capitol in Raqqa Syria and holds on to an area the size of the United Kingdom stretching beyond the borders of Syria, and Iraq.(Scroll Down for Video)

King Abdullah II of Jordan just happens to be in Washington DC?

This may be a coincidence, but as many may suggest that there are no coincidences when it comes to politics and business between world leaders.

Reports are coming in that estimate the Jordanian pilot was killed possibly up to one month ago and the ISIS video was carefully made and released at exactly the right time, perhaps to push nations reluctant to join in the fight against the Islamic State. Riots are reported inside of Jordan and some residents are saying that the United States is at fault for not doing more against the Jihadists. President Obama has been reluctant to join in a full scale war against the caliphate which raises the question, “Is there a puppet master pulling the strings in one direction or another?”

Tuesday, the DOW shot up over 300 points, Fox News says it was because of the oil markets. I believe it was a direct economic response to the recent headlines in association of this execution. Are there forces at work that behind the scenes trying to push the United States to start another Middle East War? War is profitable for the top 1%, and with the US in $17 trillion dollar debt currently, any confrontation in the Middle East will result in the US Federal Reserve to keep printing fiat currency further inflating the markets also having a domino effect around the world. Is it possible that Obama’s lack of engagement in Mid-East affairs just a game, a cover so he will not tarnish his left wing legacy which is usually anti-war?

Jordan State TV Media has reported that the “Islamic State will feel the earth shake under them.” Could the elite be pushing other nations into the next World War III?

Whether you believe that this recent ISIS video is real or fake, the effects of this message will be the same, mission accomplished.

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