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Measles Out Break in Phoenix Ahead of Super Bowl

The local Center for Disease Control in Phoenix is scrambling to take proper measures to insure a mass out break of Measles does not occur during the Super Bowl.

Super bowl 46, Seattle Seahawks versus the New England Patriots are set to play Sunday evening in Phoenix for the biggest sporting event of the year.

A measles outbreak has been going on for a few weeks starting at Disneyland Park in California when a dozen or so employees came down with the virus. The Measles are a rapidly spreading contagious disease that can cause extreme fatigue, loss of appetite, hacking terrible cough  and red rash spots all over the body plus an extreme elevated temperature. If a nonvaccinated person comes in contact with a carrier its 90% they will contract the illness.

The measles have been spreading from west to east effecting many states including Arizona. People who are vaccinated should not contract the disease but in extreme cases some are known to contract the measles even though they have been vaccinated, nothing is 100%.

Check out the video below for how the CDC and NFL is handling the out break!


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