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Obama Slams Christians! Compares Christians to ISIS VIDEO

At Wednesday mornings National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama makes remarks comparing the horrific acts of the Islamic State to Christianity.

In a bold statement, he degrades the Christian faith to the faces of many Religious Leaders and to all Christians of the US and the World.

He talks briefly condeming the acts of ISIS with their most recent video of a Jordanian set on fire in a cage fresh in everyone’s minds, then he compares it to the Crusades that took place over 1,000 years ago, as if anyone alive today is commiting these acts in the name of Jesus Christ.

He also brings up the fact that many who were involved with slavery in the US over 100 years ago were also followers of Jesus.

President Obama warns Christians to “not get on your high horse”.

Many are calling this a blasphemous act by the President and are outraged at what he said, especially since he had to say this at a National Prayer Breakfast.

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