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Shipwreck Near Galapagos Islands Carrying Hazardous Chemicals

A ship carrying hazardous chemical, 10,000 gallons of fuel and other supplies to the famous Galapagos Islands has ran aground busting its hull. Ecuador has issues a state of emergency, clean up effort in progress.

Officials are currently handling the situation, the ship named the Floreana, which regularly runs supplies to the islands ran aground. (Scroll Down for Video)

There has been some leakage into the pristine waters but that has been controlled by booms. Meanwhile the ship, whose hull was destroyed, is in the process of being refloated and removed.

The Galápagos Islands are an archipelago of volcanic islands distributed on either side of the Equator in the Pacific Ocean, 906 km (563 mi) west of continental Ecuador, of which they are a part.

The Galápagos Islands and their surrounding waters form an Ecuadorian province, a national park, and a biological marine reserve. The principal language on the islands is Spanish. The islands have a population of slightly over 25,000.

The islands are famed for their vast number of endemic species and were studied by Charles Darwin during the voyage of the Beagle. His observations and collections contributed to the inception of Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection.

Floreana runs aground busting its hull just off the coast of the Galapagos Islands


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