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TransAsia GE235 Crashes in Taiwan RAW FOOTAGE

An ATR 72-600 TransAsia Airways plane crash-landed on Wednesday, coming down into the Keelung River in northern Taiwan.

All eyes are on Asia when it comes to recent airline crashes. In these horrifying videos you will see the plane coming down sideways caught on two seperate  dashcams and crosses the freeway.

TransAsia passenger flight carrying 58 people has crash-landed into a river in Taiwan. Photos of the wreckage have emerged, with initial reports suggesting multiple injuries.


Flight controllers lost contact with the plane at 10:55 local time (02:55 GMT).

More than 10 people have been taken to a nearby hospital.

Proxy Ponder News: Pilot Ditches Plane in the Pacific Ocean!–VIDEO

After missing Malaysia flight MH370, and the recent crash of AirAsia flight earlier in 2014, fortunately we do have survivors in this recent incident. Officials are investigating exactly what went wrong.

UPDATE: 2/4/15 10:17 PM PT–12 persons aboard the airplane are confirmed dead, 31 sill are unaccounted for at this time.

    Check out these Amazing Videos!

Videos from YouTube Channel J KNIGHT


Rescue of Passengers and Crew


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