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Triangle UFO Seen Over Texas VIDEO

January-17-2015– A triangle U.F.O craft was captured traveling over San Antonio,Texas, with thanks to Billy Martinez for capturing this UFO sighting.

The video was analyzed with video Stills/Close-Up 25XZOOM. Conclusion:  A TRIANGLE SHAPE CRAFT can clearly bee seen traveling overhead….

TRIANGLE U.F.O CRAFT– Craft occupying air space in San Antonio airport without doubt, according to the this YouTube poster.  This is definitely in a no fly zone, craft had ‘NO RUNNING LIGHTS’ and was completely black. Triangle craft was about 10 to maybe 15′ in height.

The consistent steady lights are consistent with known ET CRAFT. Lights do not alternate from color. They are ‘ULTRAVIOLET’ which is why to the naked eye they reflected no light. Only once recorded are you able to see lights. ET craft made absolutely ‘zero noise’. I am in direct contact with them, claims Billy Martinex who shot the video.

Watch this Amazing recent video of a triangle craft!


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