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Rare Vampire Shark Caught in Australia VIDEO

To a local fisherman’s surprise, while fishing on the stormy banks in Wales, he caught an extremely rare type of shark, sometimes called a ‘living dinosaur’.

A Goblin Shark also known as a Vampire Shark was reeled in by Lochlainn Kelly and his father Mike from near Green Cape off the South Coast of New South Wales.

The goblin shark (Mitsukurina owstoni) is a rare, poorly understood species of deep-sea shark. Sometimes called a “living fossil”, it is the only extant representative of thefamily Mitsukurinidae, a lineage some 125 million years old. This pink-skinned animal has a distinctive profile with an elongated, flattened snout, and highly protrusible jaws containing prominent nail-like teeth. It is usually between 3 and 4 m (10 and 13 ft) long when mature, though it can grow considerably larger.

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Goblin sharks inhabit uppercontinental slopes, submarine canyons, and seamounts throughout the world at depths greater than 100 m (330 ft), with adults found deeper than juveniles.

Check out the Video!

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