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1998 Simpson’s episode Predicts the God Particle VIDEO

In an unusual twist, it appears that a 1998 Simpsons episode predicts accurately the Higgs Boson or also known as the God Particle 14 years ahead.

Seen written on a black board, it accurately shows the theory proven even though it was not officially proven till 2013. (Video Below)

The Higgs boson or Higgs particle is an elementary particle in the Standard Model of particle physics. Its main relevance is that it allows scientists to explore the Higgs field– a fundamental field first suspected to exist in the 1960s that unlike the more familiar electromagnetic field cannot be “turned off”, but instead takes a non-zero constant value almost everywhere.

The presence of this field – now believed to be confirmed – explains why some fundamental particles have mass even though the symmetries controlling their interactions should require them to be massless, and also answers several other long-standing puzzles in physics, such as the reason the weak force has a much shorter range than the electromagnetic force.

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