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Fortune’s Top Leader List: Taylor Swift but No President Obama

Fortune has released their pick of the top 50 leaders of the world where Taylor Swift is on, but President Obama is no where to be found.

In 2009 Obama may have won a Nobel Peace Prize, with basicly doing nothing but being elected to prove worthy for this prestigious award but fast forward to 2015, and he dosen’t even make the cut of Fortune’s list of top leaders and hes the two term President of the United States.

Taylor Swift ranks at an amazing #6 while Jimmy Fallon even makes the cut at #45.

Maybe with President Obama’s continued failed policies and constant contradictions in his actions, its just not enough to be a place holder in the Oval Office to be considered a Leader.

Check out the full list below:


1. Tim Cook, CEO / Apple Inc.
2. Mario Draghi, President / European Central Bank
3. Xi Jinping, President / People’s Republic of China
4. Pope Francis, Pontiff / Catholic Church
5. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister / India
6. Taylor Swift, Pop Star
7. Joanne Liu, International President / Médecins Sans Frontières
8. John Roberts Jr., Chief Justice / Supreme Court
9. Mary Barra, CEO / GM
10. Joshua Wong, Activist / Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Movement
11. Johnetta Elzie and DeRay Mckesson, Prominent voices for nonviolent protest / Ferguson, MO
12. Jeremy Farrar, Director / Wellcome Trust
13. James Comey, Director / FBI
14. Ai-Jen Poo, Director / National Domestic Workers Alliance
15. Mark Carney, Governor / Bank of England
16. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President / Liberia
17. Howard Schultz, CEO / Starbucks
18. Bill and Melinda Gates, Founders / Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
19. Pete Frates, Advocate / ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge”
20. Mike Duggan, Mayor / Detroit; Kevyn Orr, Former Emergency Manager/ Detroit
21. Helena Morrissey, CEO / Newton Investment Management
22. Beatrice Mtetwa, Lawyer / Human Rights Activist in Zimbabwe
23. Elon Musk, Co-Founder and CEO / Tesla Motors/ SpaceX
24. Tri Rismaharini, Mayor / Surabaya, Indonesia
25. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO / Facebook
26. Yao Ming, Animal Rights Activist and Former NBA Star
27. Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO /
28. Kailash Satyarthi, Founder / Bachpan Bachao Andolan
29. Lei Jun, Founder and CEO / Xiaomi
30. Bayan Mahmoud Al-Zahran, Lawyer / Saudi Arabia
31. LeBron James, Forward / Cleveland Cavaliers
32. Mark Bertolini, CEO / Aetna
33. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Finance Minister / Nigeria
34. Raj Panjabi, CEO / Last Mile Health
35. Admiral William McRaven (Ret.), Chancellor / University of Texas
36. Carolyn Miles, President and CEO / Save the Children
37. Frances Hesselbein, President and CEO / Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute
38. Jamie Dimon, CEO / JP Morgan Chase
39. Anthony Fauci, Director / NIAID (NIH)
40. Patrick Awuah, Founder and President / Ashesi University College
41. Mitch Daniels, President / Purdue University
42. Richard Pazdur, Director / FDA’s Office of Hematology and Oncology Products
43. Courtney Banghart, Head Coach / Princeton Tiger’s women’s basketball team
44. Travis Kalanick, CEO / Uber
45. Jimmy Fallon, Host / The Tonight Show
46. Daniel Barenboim, General Music Director / Berlin State Opera
47. Adam Silver, Commissioner / NBA
48. Richard Liu, Founder and CEO /
49. John Mackey, Co-CEO, Co-Founder / Whole Foods Market
50. Akira Miyawaki, Director / Japanese Center for International Studies in Ecology

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