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Mystery Loud “Bangs” Heard Over Crawley UK

People across Crawley have reported hearing constant loud noises all over the town last night.

Residents living in almost every neighbourhood have been asking what was the cause of the bangs which could be heard on Saturday night (March 7).

Aneliese Whittaker tweeted the Crawley News to say there were “strange loud sounds heard all across Crawley, Horley and Gatwick”.

People have reported on social media that the noises sounded like a bomb being detonated, constant thunder and fireworks, or even like the sonic boom heard in parts of Kent and Sussex last October.

There have been reports of a fireworks display taking place at the Ghyll Manor Hotel and Restaurant, which is based off the High Street in Rusper.

It has been suggested low cloud cover meant the fireworks produced an unusual noise across the town.

This weekend has also marked the celebration of the Holi festival of colours. The Hindu festival represents victory of good over evil, and the arrival of spring.

The date of the festival changes each year because it takes place on the day after the last full moon. This year celebrations started on Friday (March 6) and continued on Saturday (March 7).

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