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Tunisia Museum Attacked by ISIS; 19 Killed VIDEO

Militants storm the Bardo Museum in the capitol city of Tunis killing a confirmed 19 and wounding a total of 56 people.

Tunisia, where the Arab Spring first started is no stranger to these type of terrorist attacks. The Bardo museum was stormed and attacked which is right next to the Tunis Parliament killed 8 and took several hostages.

Tunisia officials are now claiming that most likely a branch of the Islamic State was behind the attack called by their local name Ansar al-Sharia.

Of the 19 killed most were from Europe in Germany, Poland and Italy.

UPDATE: 3/19/15 1:27 PM PST–ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack on a museum in the capital of Tunisia, which claimed the lives of 23 people.┬áThe audio recording claims “knights of the State of the Caliphate” carried out the shooting but mentions only Abu Zakaria al Tunisi and Abu Anas al Tunisi, former ISIS and al Qaeda members from Tunisia who were killed before the attack. The statement did not mention the attackers who were killed when the Tunisian National Guard intervened at the museum. Tunisian officials identified two of the gunmen as Jabir al-Khashnawi and Yassin al-Abidi, both Tunisian nationals.

Watch the video below for raw footage taken inside the attack:


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