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North and South Korea Collaborate in Excavating Ancient Palace

North and South Korea join together to excavate an ancient palace of the Koryo Dynasty near the city of Kaesong.

Approximately 80 South Koreans historians and archaeologists will work from Kaesong over the next six months. Although the project began in 2007, it has had a stressful few years due to fluctuations in inter-Korean relations.

About 15 members of the team will commute between the site and the Kaesong Industrial complex.

Kaesong was the capital of Korea during the Koryo dynasty between 935–1392.

During this current phase of excavation the team will focus on Manryeong-jeon, the king’s bedroom.

Manwoldae is 10 minutes by car from the centre of Kaesong, now an industry centre in the North.

The ancient palace utilises the slanted shape of its home at the foot of Mount Songak, without damaging the original environment.

Manwol means “full moon”, a name chosen due to the palace’s shape.

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