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Ancient Fortress Older than the Pyramids Found in Wales

An ancient wooden lakeside fortress was unearthed in a housing development in Wales, dating back before the Pyramids of Giza.

On the edge of Monmouth in Wales archaeologists have unearthed a staggering archaeological discovery.

They have found a fortified farmhouse built 4,900 years ago on a manmade island in an Ice Age lake.

It’s thought the fort – known as a ‘crannog’ – was raised on stilts to protect it from attack by neighboring tribes.

The lake has long disappeared, but the fort’s timbers survive. And, using radiocarbon dating, scientists have determined the house was built in 2917 BC.

That’s 300 years before the Pyramids were built in Egypt and the stones of Stonehenge were raised. Crannogs – natural or artificial islands, enclosed by a ring of stakes – have been found in Scotland and Ireland. But most of the 600 in Scotland are from much later.

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