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Massive Chemical Plant Explosions in China VIDEO

Raging fires are still burning at the site of two massive explosions in the Chinese city of Tianjin, after the blast almost two days ago.

Experts believe the explosions were caused by toxic chemicals, but are still unsure of the details of how exactly this happened, reports the BBC.

The warehouse that exploded in the port area is owned by a company called Ruihai Logistics, which specializes in handling hazardous goods.

The company’s website says these include compressed gas, flammable liquid and toxic chemicals – some of which become highly explosive when mixed with water.

But city officials said on Friday they still did not know what materials were at the warehouse at the time of the fire, or what caused the blasts.

At least 56 people died and more than 720 were injured, 25 critically and 33 seriously, in the explosions late on Wednesday evening, officials said.

Tianjin’s fire department chief Zhou Tian told reporters that more than 1,000 firefighters and 140 fire engines were at the site on Friday.

The Tianjin Port Group Company said dozens of its employees remained unaccounted for, according to Xinhua.

Watch the Video of the Blast Caught on Camera:

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