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Explosions, Shootings and Hostages Taken in Paris in Coordinated Attack

Just breaking now-Over 158 dead and rising, over 200 injured in Paris explosions rocked restaurants and bars followed by several mass shootings and now a hostage situation is on going in a concert hall. (Live Feed at the Bottom)

Just happening near where the 11 month ago Charlie Hebdo shooting took place earlier this year where gunmen targeted cartoon artists with whom they disagreed with on drawing Muhamad–it does seem that this too was a coordinated attack. With all the confusion to add, a German vs French Soccer or Football match had just ended and thousands of people are exiting the stadium near by. Explosions could be heard during the last portion of the game.

158 are confirmed dead at this time by French authorities, that number is still rising. Around 100 people have been taken hostage inside a concert hall where the American band Eagles of Death Metal was playing, inside another 35 already executed has been confirmed.

This just happening around 10pm on Friday night local time, eyewitnesses at on of the restaurants said that men stood up from various tables and put on masks and began firing upon the patrons.

Unconfirmed reports of men driving by in cars shooting people fleeing on the streets. Reports of men throwing homemade grenades at groups of people shopping and eating. People at shops and restaurants are saying that piles of bodies litter the streets.

Its being reported that at least 2 explosions happened in the area were suicide bombings.

Reports from witnesses saying they heard some men yelling,” This is for Syria!”

A third shooting and explosion has been reported at a nearby shopping mall, just 1 hour after the initial series of attacks. Sources now indicate that up to 6 more attacks are happening around the city of Paris just hours after the first.

Watch end of the Video to hear the explosions during the Soccer game in Paris.

Almost immediately people and French Authorities are suspecting an ISIS group or supporters, or at least of some Islamic Jihadist ties. France has just recently taken in thousands of immigrants from Syria and the middle east. No one has yet taken responsibility.

French Prime Minister Hollande is said to be in a meeting regarding this attack. Earlier he spoke on French TV in a brief statement condeming the attacks and announce that France is closing its borders.  The French Military has been activated to the streets of Paris.

This is an active situation, more is still breaking. This post is currently updating.


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