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On Board Explosion On Russian Airline Rules Out Missile

Aviation experts are not ruling out terrorism involving the recent Russian plane crash in Egypt due to satellite imagery detecting a sudden heat flashes just before the plane crashed.

A US infrared satellite has reportedly detected a heat flash at the time a Russian passenger jet went down in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, a US official has said, as the investigation into the deadly plane crash continues.

The same satellite imagery ruled out a surface-to-air missile attack, the news channel reported.

“The speculation that this plane was brought down by a missile is off the table,” the official told NBC News.

The jet crashed on Saturday, killing all 224 passengers and crew on board.

Investigators are examining all possible causes as part of an Egyptian-led probe into the disaster that also involves experts from Russia, Airbus, and Ireland, where the aircraft was registered.

The Islamic State in Egypt is claiming responsibility for the attack on this Russian plane.

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