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North Korea Evacuates Pyongyang ahead of ‘Big Announcement’ VIDEO

Strange reports are just now surfacing from South Korea that the capitol of North Korea has ordered an immediate evacuation of its citizens. 

After months of warmongering Kim Jong Un blasting rockets into the water near Japan threatening nuclear war, President Donald Trump has recently stepped up and gave a dire warning to Kim Jong Un a message to stop or be removed. After a recent visit from the Chinese President Xi to Mar a lago  in Florida to meet with President Trump over the past weekend, it seems China is now ‘playing ball’ with the United States and demanding that North Korea settle down or be removed.

Earlier reports of boats filled with coal from North Korea have been turned around as a message to their leader Kim Jong Un. This is a serious blow to their economy.

Now in a breaking news announcement from several news sites are reporting that Kimg Jong Un has ordered the immediate evacuation of its citizens in its capitol of Pyongyang. Around 600,000 people reside with the dictators capitol.

Several journalists reported that they had been removed from their hotels and put on buses and told they must leave their cell phones behind.

The latest rumors come after North Korean officials announced a “big and important event” tomorrow.


Foreign reporters have been told to prepare for the event on North Korea’s biggest national celebration called “Day of the Sun”.

The Day of the Sun  is an annual public holiday in North Korea on 15 April, the birth anniversary of Kim Il-sung, founder and president of North Korea.

It is the most important national holiday of the country.

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A reporter inside of North Korea has posted a video allegedly from inside the capital of North Korea on Twitter, saying in the comments that he’s staying at a super pricey hotel with internet, interestingly.


Security experts recently warned Kim could be planning an underwater nuclear attack using a secret submarine.

In the past North Korea’s submarines have been able to disappear and avoid detection, with up to 50 vanishing off the radar in 2015.


New reports surfacing claiming that several drills may be practiced ahead of the big celebration on Saturday.  Reports also of a nuclear device placed on a tunnel.

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