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Did Michael Avenatti Just Burn His Supporters? Duped by 4Chan?

Did Michael Avenatti make a big promise to ‘resist’ President Trump’s newest SCOTUS Nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh and then just totally bail out? ….and was duped by 4Chan?

Michael Avenatti, the widely labeled “creepy porn lawyer” who represents Adult Film Star Stormy Daniels in a lawsuit against President Trump. He claims that the President is “silencing” her with a payment of $130,000 dollars for a consentual sexual encounter over a decade ago. Avenatti has made outlandish claims that emboldens his followers of the “Resistance” Left, only to leave them with pending outcomes to their political dreams.

Last Sunday night, the creepy porn lawyer proclaimed he had a new client that made some serious accusations against Supreme Court Nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh of the 2nd DC Court on his Twitter account.

Avenatti said his client was credible and had proof that Kavanaugh and his high school friends were involved in running an “underground drugged rape ring” involving young women with whom they attended school. He gained national attention and thousands of his followers ‘liked’ and retweeted his claims and rejoiced in stopping Kavanaugh.

Avenatti made several more tweets on the subject that night and the following day egging his supporters on. He called out to the US Judicial Committee with several demands such as demanding Brett Kavanaugh withdraw with nomination and exclaimed for a FBI investigation into the SCOTUS pick. He then posted several emails he received from the Committee and demanded his client be heard.

One of Michael Avenatti’s last tweets was that he promised for a big reveal the following day. Then on Tuesday, his account was found to be securely locked down. Leaving everyone especially his avid resistance supporters scratching their heads.


This wouldn’t be the first time. Last year while presenting information with his client Stormy Daniels, he made accusations against President Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen. Claiming that he had some sort of ‘disk’ or ‘disk drive’ with unknown “surprise” information that was sure to sink the President. Avenatti tweeted a photo of some sort of computer storage device following.

He went around the cable news talk shows bragging about said photo to only later, never deliver or even mention that photo ever again.

Will he return to Twitter with a whole new bag of tricks and shiny objects for his zombie like followers leaving his potential secret ‘client’ hanging in the wings? Or will he return as a grand ring master and bring in the clowns for the greatest show on earth?….or was he duped by 4Chan?



Was Michael Avanatti duped by 4Chan? Chances are looking very good.

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