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Goat Gives Birth to a ‘Half-Pig Half-Human’ Creature in Philippines [VIDEO]

People in the Philippines are stunned by this odd creature that appears to be half human and half pig.

A farmer was left shocked after his goat gave birth to a ‘half-pig half-human’ creature on his farm.

There are now fears the creature was cursed and could bring bad luck to the family.

Congenital abnormalities of genetic and environmental causes constitute a striking proportion of the afflictions seen in goats. These include a variety of malformations and metabolic diseases that could occur in all breeds but tend to exhibit predisposition in some breeds of goats.

Genetic abnormalities for which the carrier state is detectable with the aid of enzymes and surface protein markers can be eliminated from goat populations, whereas common polygenic disorders including udder problems in does and gynecomastia in bucks are more difficult to eradicate because the mutant genes responsible for these traits generally do not declare themselves until inbreeding brings together a critical concentration of liability genes to create a crisis.

A substantial reduction of common abnormalities in this species, such as intersexuality in dairy breeds, abortion in Angora breed, and arthritis in the Pygmy breed, will require a change in breeders’ preference and selection practice.

In making these changes, however, the beneficial traits will have to be balanced against the undesirable effects of the selected mutant genes (pleiotropy), which hold the key to success or failure of a breed under domestication.

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