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Chupacabra Mystery Creature Spotted in the UK [VIDEO]

A strange looking creature that did not look like a house cat or a dog has been spotted on at least 2 occasions running through the back gardens of homes in St Albans just north of London England.

One local said said the creature looked “disorientated” and “strange”.

“It was my fiancée that spotted it in the back garden. She was shocked and shouted, so I came and we both looked at it and then I quickly took a photo.” he said.

Another resident said he seen the creature running down the street and he managed to capture some clearer photos of it.

The Whipsnade zoo in the area was unable to identify the creature by photo.

Many residents were left wondering if it was the ellusive crypto-creature the ‘British Big Cat’ that has been seen all over the UK and is said to not exist.

British big cats, also called phantom cats and mystery cats, are reports and incidents of felines not native to Britain but supposed to inhabit the British countryside. These sightings are often reported as “panthers”, “pumas”, or “black cats”.

The existence of a population of true big cats in Britain, especially a breeding population, is believed to be highly implausible by experts owing to lack of convincing evidence. There have been some incidents of recovered individual animals, often medium-sized species such as the Eurasian lynx but in one 1980 case a puma, which was captured alive in Scotland.

These are generally believed to have been escaped or released pets that had been held illegally, possibly released after the animals became too difficult to manage. Sightings at a distance may possibly be explicable as domestic cats seen near to a viewer being misinterpreted as larger animals seen farther away.

A fringe theory suggests that the animals may be surviving since the Ice Age.

To an outsider, this creature spotted north of London more resembles the crypto-creature ‘chupacabra’ that is said to exist and has been spotted in the US Southwest, South Texas, Mexico and South America including the Caribean islands.

Although this creature in St Albans would be out of its region to be a chupacabra, climate change could be an answer.

The chupacabra literally meaning ‘goat sucker’ physical descriptions vary. It is purportedly a heavy creature, the size of a large dog, with a row of spines reaching from the neck to the base of the tail.

Many suposid chupacabras that have been captured alive or dead and turned out to be native animals with mange and other medical problems.

It is far more likely this to be the case for the St Albans mystery creature, yet it is not implasauble that this creature could be something that we haven’t any knowledge about.

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