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Multiple Bigfoot Sightings in North Carolina

Multiple Bigfoot Sightings in North Carolina – If you happen to be traveling in North Carolina near the town appropriately named Mocksville, at night – keep your eye out Bigfoot.

Multiple reports of a Bigfoot with glowing red eyes in the North Carolina town of Mocksville have been flooding in, and it turns out the callers weren’t imagining things.

Davie County Animal Services revealed in a Friday Facebook post that the creature seen standing in a forested area is an 8-foot wooden statue of a Bigfoot and not the real thing though.

“This handsome fellow stands on Pine Ridge Road,” says the county’s post. “If you are traveling this road at night, please be advised that the eyes appear to glow. If you see this phenomenon, you do not need to call animal control to report seeing Bigfoot, Sasquatch or any other large creature. Thank you.”

It turns out the statue has red marble eyes which reflect cars headlights as they pass by, prompting to call in the ‘sighting’.

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