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Rare Snowfall in Sahara Desert 16 inches

Yesterday, Algerians living in the Sahara Desert found themselves in a winter wonderland as up to 16 inches of snow covered the desert dunes.

This rare event has occurred only three times in the past 37 years nearby the town of Ain Sefra in Algeria.

The typical red sand dunes which stretch out as far as the eye can see were covered in a blanket of white.

This coincides with just as extreme weather in other parts of the world.

High pressures over Europe caused cold air to be pulled down into northern Africa and into the Sahara Desert.

This mass of cold air rose 3,280 feet to the elevation of Ain Sefra, a town surrounded by the Atlas Mountains, and began to snow early Sunday morning.

Unfortunately, the snow didn’t last long as temperatures rose to 42°F by the late afternoon.

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