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US Embassy Ready to Evacuate in Yemen

Sanaa, Yemen (CNN) Government forces and rebels in Yemen agreed to a ceasefire Monday after heavy fighting in the capital, Sanaa, Yemen’s interior minister and a rebel official said.

That news followed fighting around the presidential palace and came after Yemen’s prime minister went into hiding when attackers shot at him.

The Yemen government, a U.S. ally in the battle against al Qaeda, described the fighting as a power grab by rebels known as Houthis, Shiite Muslims who have long felt marginalized in the majority Sunni country.

Turmoil between the two sides is worrisome to the West because a power vacuum in Yemen could benefit al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, a terrorist organization based in Yemen that took credit for the attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris; it also tried to blow up a plane landing in Detroit in 2009.

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