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Plane that Can Fly Around the World in 4 hours

The Skylon aircraft will be able to travel anywhere in the world in four hours as well as fly into space.

Soon passengers will be flying from New York City to Bali in the same time it takes to complete a marathon.

A British aerospace firm named Reaction Engines is working on Skylon, an aircraft that will be able to fly anywhere in the world in four hours.

“So for example, an aircraft carrying 300 passengers could go from Europe to Australia in about four hours,” said Alan Bond, chief engineer, in a video.

The aircraft will be able to fly Mach 5 — five times the speed of sound — because of the new engine named Sabre, according to Bond. The Sabre engine system can be cooled by more than 1,000 degrees Celsius in .01 seconds.

The same engine system will also allow Skylon to fly into outer space. In its early development stages the aircraft has the strength to transport 15 tons of cargo into space.


“We have no competitors, we are unique,” Bond said. “This is the only engine like it that is being developed at the present time.”

The 82-meter-long aircraft will be valued at approximately $1.1 billion each. Reaction Engines said it is planning to be ready for test flights beginning in 2019.

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