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Proxy Ponder News is a User Submitted Alternative News Source delivering to you fresh new ideas and hard hitting news that is rarely found else where.  

Proxy Ponder News is Created by Cynthia Schnepp also known as ‘ShantiUniverse’ a YouTube personality.

We strive to present the latest and most mysterious stories on the web. We rely on anonymous users to submit stories and ideas and we vet them first before posting. Giving everyone a chance to make their voice heard.

We are SEO meta submitted to deliver the biggest audience that we can off the web so if you submit a story, it will get the broadest audience we can reach.  We also run advertising campaigns on YouTube and the web. 

Why submit stories to Proxy Ponder?

Its a great way to voice your opinion or view or tell a story that you would like to share. You can also link your articles to your blog, social media account or YouTube channel or even your website to generate more traffic to benefit.

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