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Triple Threat Winter Weather for the US

Storm over the Middle Mississippi Valley will deepen significantly by Wednesday morning. The system will produce showers and thunderstorms from parts of the Lower Mississippi Valley to the Southeast through Tuesday morning. On Tuesday, the storm will pull more intense moisture off the Gulf of Mexico that will produce showers and thunderstorms with moderate to heavy rain Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday over the Southeast.

The storm will also develop rain over parts of the Middle Mississippi Valley to the Mid-Atlantic/Southern New England. An area of moderate to heavy rain will develop over parts of the Great Lakes on Tuesday morning that will wane to light rain by Tuesday afternoon. A broken area of rain will move into the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic by Wednesday morning. In addition, pockets of rain/freezing rain will develop over parts of the Northeast through Tuesday morning. Snow will develop from parts of the Northern/Central Rockies to the parts of the Upper Great Lakes that will move eastward to Northern/Central Plains to the Upper Great Lakes by Tuesday evening.

By Wednesday morning, parts of the snow will move into Southern Canada, while the other half will mover into the Middle Mississippi Valley. A second area of snow will develop over parts of the Southern Rockies/High Plains through Tuesday afternoon. An area of rain will also develop over parts of Texas Monday evening into Tuesday afternoon. Elsewhere, a front will move onshore over the Pacific Northwest Tuesday evening into Wednesday. The system will produce rain along the Northwest Coast ,that will start on Tuesday morning and will become moderate to heavy Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning.

Light rain will move inland over parts of the Northern Rockies/Northern High Plains Tuesday night into Wednesday. Additionally, light snow will develop over the higher elevations of the Northern Rockies/High Plains on Wednesday morning, too.


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