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Are You Prepared For the Next Big Disaster?

Will You Be Ready?

With all the wild and crazy things we hear daily in the news can make one feel like we are dangling on the edge of the Next ‘Big One’ disaster that is, whether it be man made or natural it is always a good idea to be ready.

Recently with Blizzard Juno hitting the New England states leaving thousands of residents with no power during freezing temperatures or tornadoes hitting the plain states we see a huge rush of people heading out to the stores just days before buying up bottled water and toliet paper leaving many people stressed and in desperate measures.

The world sits on the edge with the rise of ISIS threatening the free world, as well as unstable countries falling victim to the economy or radical ideology, there are many reasons to be prepared early and you can do so right now before its too late.

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In the past few years, there have been many ‘Dooms Dayer’ prep sites, shows and companies advertising ways to be prepared but I have often noticed they are extremely pricey and sometimes not always practical. Not all of us have thousands of dollars to spend on building a shelter, nor do we have the time or space! There are many affordable and easy ways you can prepare yourself and your family right now in your spare time, without the risk of being caught off guard or being labeled a ‘Doomer’.

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Basic items to have on hand

Basic items that we need to have in case of an emergency. We need to think about having no power and no water. Having a basic medical kit on hand. Here are some of the most basic needed items I could find for a fraction of the cost compared to most traditional retail stores.


With these simple items on hand, you will be well prepared to head on any disaster, whether it be just a simple power outage or a destructive force, these are the most needed items to have in your home or apartment. These items won’t break the bank and can fit nicely into a small closet or garage. If you never use these items, for example the batteries having an expire date on them, be sure to begin to use them before they expire and then no money will be wasted on being prepared.
An excellent Guide for more information: SAS Survival Guide 2E (Collins Gem): For any climate, for any situation

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